Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

Rasselas’ owner Agonafer Shiferaw came from Ethiopia to continue his advanced studies, but never lost his taste for authentic, homemade Ethiopian cuisine. Rasselas’ kitchen imports all of its spices from Ethiopia, re-creating savory native dishes. Enjoy Drunken Chicken Drumettes glazed in tequila, honey wine, and berbere spices. Or a range of vegetarian and meat entrees including Doro Wat, chicken simmered in spicy berbere sauce, garlic, ginger, cardamom and onion, or Yebeg Alecha, savory lamb simmered in onions and green peppers and Ethiopian spices. Dishes are served with homemade injera, the spongy nutritious bread of Ethiopia. At Rasselas, you’re encouraged to eat with your hands!

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